Yongming ultra-thin liquid horn SH15 capacitor, focusing on a thin power supply module

In the context of digitalization, in line with the development trend of digitalization and intelligence in the future industry, modular power supplies will develop towards miniaturization and chip-based development. The volume and weight of a module power supply are determined by magnetic components and capacitance, so a thinner capacitance can be used in the power supply module to reduce the thickness of the module power supply.

However, at present, the power supply has become very miniaturized, and the volume of the capacitor has become a great obstacle of the miniaturization and flattening of the module and even the entire machine. Whether it can be made smaller is a great challenge to the technology and system design.

Ultra-thin and comprehensive performance guaranteed horn capacitor-SH15
With more than 20 years of technical accumulation in the capacitor industry, Yongming Electronics has introduced a miniaturized liquid horn aluminum electrolytic capacitor (SH15 series) with an overall height of only 15mm. This product has the characteristics of long life, high reliability, good high-temperature stability, resistance to large ripple current, guaranteed temperature resistance of 105℃, low leakage current, and small volume, meeting the requirements of thin power supplies for flattening electrolytic capacitors. At the same time, as the core vulnerable part of the power module, the stability of the capacitor is crucial. The horn aluminum electrolytic capacitor SH15 series has the advantages of high performance and low capacitance degradation, effectively ensuring the stability of the capacitor, thereby ensuring the stability of the power module, and being suitable for thin modules and equipment. With these excellent performances, SH15 provides a complete solution for further miniaturization of modular power supplies.

focusing on a thin power supply module
focusing on a thin power supply module1

Liquid Ox Horn SH15 Series

Based on innovation, never stop. Under the guidance of the national strategy of technology innovation, Yongming leads the development trend of thin and lightweight capacitors with thinner liquid ox horn aluminum electrolytic capacitors, providing module power supply manufacturers with long-awaited ultra-thin capacitors. Modular power supplies that using Yongming capacitor will be widely used in open power supplies, medical power supplies, frequency converters, servo drives, and other fields, creating more economic benefits.

Post time: Mar-27-2023