Why Choose YMIN Polymer E-CAP in GaN-based AC/DC Converters

In the application of this new technology, polymer capacitors play an important role. In the new era, YMIN is committed to achieving new breakthroughs through new applications and actively explores the prospects of miniaturization of GaN-based AC/DC converters. 

YMIN has long been applied the polymer cap in many industries, such as fast charging (from the past IQ fast charging, PD2.0, PD3.0, PD3.1), PC adapters, EV fast charging, OBC/DC fast charging piles, server power supplies, etc. 

Those polymer capacitors can perfectly match the excellent characteristics of GaN, and perform well in practical application scenarios to meet the needs of customers for performance improvement, and we will introduce their characteristics in detail below.  

Small size: GaN contributes to the miniaturization of the AC/DC converter. 

In general, most circuits use DC voltage instead of AC voltage, and AC/DC converters are essential that convert commercial AC power supply to DC power. With the same amount of power, the miniaturization of converters is the trend considering the viewpoint of space saving and portability.

Compared with traditional Si (silicon) components, GaN has the advantages of smaller switching losses, higher efficiency, higher electron migration speed, and conductivity. 

This enables AC/DC converters to control switching operations more delicately, resulting in more efficient energy conversion. 

In addition, higher switching frequencies can be selected to use smaller passive components. This is because GaN at a higher switching frequency, GaN can maintain the same good efficiency Si provided at a low switching frequency.

DC Converters1

AC/DC converters application samples

Low ESR: Ripple voltage is always generated when the capacitor absorbs the ripple current. 

The output capacitors are critical. YMIN polymer capacitors can help reduce output voltage ripple and play an important role in #filtering high-power switching circuits. 

In practice, it is often required that the ripple voltage does not exceed 1% of the operating voltage of the device. 

Within the range of 10KHz~800KHz, the ESR of YMIN’s hybrid capacitor is stable and can adapt to the requirements of GAN high-frequency switching. Therefore, in GaN-based AC/DC converters, polymer capacitors are the perfect output solution. 

With the increasing use of high-frequency switching AC/DC converters, in order to meet the updating needs of customers, YMIN, as an advanced tech hunter, with its leading high-performance/high-reliability technology, brings the market an innovative and comprehensive product lineup (up to 100v). 

Flexible Options 

YMIN polymer solid aluminum electrolytic capacitors, polymer hybrid capacitors, MLPC, and polymer tantalum capacitor series can be efficiently matched with the new AC/DC converters.

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DC Converters3

These polymer capacitors are widely used in 5-20V outputs, 24V outputs for industrial equipment, and 48V outputs for network types of equipment. In order to cope with the power shortage in recent years, it is necessary to obtain higher efficiency. 

The number of products that are transitioning to 48V (automotive, data center, USB-PD, etc.) is increasing, and the range of applications for GaN and polymer capacitors is further expanded. 

In conclusion, choosing YMIN Polymer E-CAP for GaN-based AC/DC Converters offers you unmatched performance, durability, space optimization, and access to industry-leading expertise – all vital factors when selecting the best component for your application needs

With years of industry experience, YMIN has established itself as a trusted name in electronic components manufacturing. Their expertise combined with continuous research and development efforts ensures that their products are always at the forefront of technological advancements.

Post time: Jan-26-2024