Shanghai Yongming 2023 agent conference review, successfully concluded

Shanghai Yongming has held agent conferences since 2018. We held the 2023 agent conference in Dachuan Hotel in February 9. Many partners come together to talk about development. 

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Conference Review
This conference focuses on "two hot spots, two main lines". We are looking forward to 2023 and grasping market hotspots and trends, and focuses on Yongming's position. Getting the right product to the right place and putting it in the hands of the right person, and following up effectively is our mission. Shanghai Yongming and all partners will work together to create brilliance.

Two Hot Points
1. After the epidemic was released, consumer terminals (Intelligent lighting, PD fast charging, high-power power supply and so on) ushered in retaliatory growth.

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2. According to the statistics of energy storage installed capacity in China, the United States and Europe in recent years, the global energy storage market will become a star industry for capital market investment in the next two years. Yongming has the highest standards of capacitors in the industry, and will surely make China shine in the international market in the field of energy storage and in product upgrades.

Two Main Lines
1. Line 1
The country's new infrastructure (5G communications, data centers, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, new energy vehicles, data servers) is advancing rapidly.

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2. Line 2
The third generation of semiconductors (gallium nitride, silicon carbide) is advancing in multiple application terminals (high-end intelligent lighting, photovoltaic inverter).

All business units sorted out the high-demand capacitor application cases that create value for customers in lighting, high-power power supply, fast charging, photovoltaic inverter, wind pitch, power meter, new energy vehicle electronics, IDC server, small-pitch LED display and other industries, and made a comprehensive and in-depth introduction and sharing.

War Industry
Military electronics is the cornerstone of national defense informatization, and our company obtained the national military standard system certification in 2022. As a domestic brand with completely independent design and independent production capacity, Shanghai Yongming has a full product line that can develop its ambitions in the current military market.

New Products
In this conference, we introduced a new product - polymer tantalum capacitors.

Award Ceremony
Create a win-win situation is our aspiration. Thank you partners for their outstanding achievements in 2022, and look forward to writing a new chapter with all partners.

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Post time: Feb-09-2023