Leading the world and taking root in the era – high energy density lithium ion capacitors to solve the pain points of emergency lighting

The Dilemma of Lithium Battery Application
Lithium ion batteries have been widely used due to their advantages such as light weight, large capacity, and no memory effect. Nowadays, many emergency lighting devices use lithium ion batteries as power supplies. However, with the development of the times, some bottlenecks of lithium ions have also been exposed, such as their inability to withstand high and low temperatures, vulnerability to overcharge, inconvenience in replacement, and high maintenance frequency, which have greatly affected the efficiency of emergency equipment.

Guided by solving problems, Yongming actively promotes advanced products
Emergency lights are often used in public places, corridors, underground garages, and other places in buildings. They should not only meet the requirements of power failure emergencies, but also meet the standards for fire safety. Nowadays, emergency lighting has problems such as inconvenient battery replacement, slow charging, temperature resistance, and short cycle life. Therefore, it is not convenient to replace the battery for the entire machine, and it needs accessory products with ultra-long service life; It is slow to charge and require faster charging; The entire machine is poorly resistant to temperature and cannot discharge. So, it requires products that can withstand low temperatures of -40 degrees Celsius and high temperatures of 80 degrees Celsius to replace various issues.

In order to meet the high requirements, high standards, and high quality of emergency lighting, Shanghai Yongming Electronic Co. Ltd has introduced a series of SLA lithium ion capacitors with long cycle life, fast charging speed, and wide temperature tolerance. Let's take a look at the positive impact of Yongming lithium ion capacitors on the overall life of emergency lighting applications, as well as the advantages of maintenance free and fast power storage.

Lithium ion capacitor Succession Voltage Range (V) Capacity Range (F) Product Size (mm) Temperature(℃) Life span(Hrs)
SLA 3.8 200 12.5×30 -40~+85 1000
3.8 250 12.5×35 -40~+85 1000
3.8 250 16×20 -40~+85 1000
3.8 300 12.5×40 -40~+85 1000
3.8 400 16×30 -40~+85 1000
3.8 450 16×35 -40~+85 1000
3.8 500 16×40 -40~+85 1000
3.8 750 18×40 -40~+85 1000
3.8 1100 18×50 -40~+85 1000
3.8 1500 22×55 -40~+85 1000

Yongming is determined to meet new requirements and realize breakthroughs through new applications and solutions in the new era. It will make lithium ion capacitors replace lithium batteries, and provides high-quality capacitors for emergency lighting manufacturers. Yongming's seven categories of capacitors fully support the innovation and upgrading of customer products, ensure the stable operation of customers' products, and ensure the user experience! Yongming's rich variety of high standard capacitors will definitely be popular in the lighting field, and then replace international products and achieve better performance!

Post time: Mar-08-2023