Important requirements for five major domain controllers: Yongming capacitors help the stable operation of automotive electronics

The intelligent networking of automobiles has brought about a large increase in information flow and the number of electronic control units (ECUs). The automobile architecture has gradually evolved from distributed to domain centralized to central computing, and control functions have been rapidly centralized, with domain as the basis. The unit's DCU (domain controller) integrated architecture has officially entered the historical stage.

1.Five important requirements for domain controllers
There are five major domains in automobiles: power domain, body domain, cockpit domain, chassis domain, and autonomous driving domain. The core development of domain controllers is the rapid improvement of chip computing capabilities. The improvement of chip computing capabilities requires stable voltage and current as a basic guarantee. The energy storage and filtering of electrolytic capacitors play a very important role here.

2.Yongming capacitor selection recommendations and advantages


3.Yongming capacitors ensure the continuous and stable operation of automotive domain controllers

Shanghai Yongming solid-liquid hybrid aluminum electrolytic capacitors and liquid chip aluminum electrolytic capacitors have the characteristics of strong anti-interference ability, wide temperature stability, high allowable wave current, and long life to ensure the continuous and stable operation of the five major automotive domain controllers.

Post time: Jan-12-2024